Don’t Have A Unique Selling Proposition? Here’s Why You Need One.

Thousands of companies make one single mistake everyday. Their websites lack a clearly defined unique value proposition, leaving visitors clueless. Your company has a Unique selling proportion or a USP which is a statement of value, not a tagline, slogan, or mission.

And most importantly, the definition needs to be crisp, concise and easy to comprehend.

Believe it or not, Effective USPs have the following attributes:

  1. Realistic promises – A guarantee that you’re truly able to commit to, and that competitors cannot also offer to your customer.
  1. True value? – Is there real value in the benefit you guaranteeing to your customers? If Yes, what is it? Is it worth the time, money, or personal information required to gain access?
  1. Exudes credibility – Will my USP convey the msg that our product/service is too good to be true? Keep in mind; the purpose of your copy is to generate trust. If the USP isn’t believable, your visitors won’t trust you.
  1. Make definitive claims – Nonspecific claims such, as “super high-quality “or “going above and beyond for our customers” are not specific enough to make your value proposition unique. Lay emphasis on what sets you apart.

As recommended by Writer, web designer, and author Paul Jarvis, the following 10-second exercise to get started brainstorming a USP for your business.

Complete the following declaration:

Our company provides __[type of product or service]__ to __[target segment]__ in order for them to __[benefit of product or service]__ without __[burning problem or pain point]__.

This declaration drives you to create a USP that intentionally addresses the target segment, your promise and value offered by your company.

And if you’d like to play your cards right and bring clarity to you, then ask yourself questions like:

  • Is this headline making a definitive claim?
  • Does my home page make a promise to a potential buyer/user?
  • Is the proposition genuinely unique?
  • Is it valuable—e.g., something I would pay for?
  • Do I believe what’s being said?

Here are a few examples of unique selling propositions:


Chris Snell is a property manager who is most appreciated for his personal touch and treatment to the service he offers to clients. Therefore, it is important to make it clear to future clients that he is unique because he personally gives utmost care to every property under his wing. This definitive USP is clearly stated in the headline ”Managing your property as if it were my own”. The reward? It puts clients at ease. Especially, if they don’t have the time to be chasing property managers for the care their property deserves.



ESI Lifestyle is a leading Melbourne based Renovation Company that specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of custom-made Kitchens and Bathrooms. However, their target segment was people looking for a dream kitchen or bathrooms and someone to do it all for them. In order to remove the worry of having to the job themselves, ESI had to re-assure the customer by asking them to “Imagine getting everything you’ve ever wanted…” and the best part or bonus… “and we manage it all for you”. People with no time to spare would love ESI lifestyle.



JK Lawyers is a legal firm that has a focus on providing excellent legal services fully tailored to their clients’ specific circumstances. So we’re talking about a custom made legal assistance offering. And that’s why it was critical that the home page headline said exactly that… “We are committed to helping you with the right solution for your unique situation”. This re-assurance builds trust.


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