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The Challenge

7 years ago Maria Pellicano used to get 15 enquiries a day but in recent years as more competition arrived, her enquiries dropped. Even after spending $10,000 on her website and getting 500 sessions a month– her enquiries dropped to 1-2 a month.

The Solution:

We analysed her data, watched how her visitors were behaving and introduced visitor survey polls and more to understand why customers were dropping off. One insight was that customers were confused by the multitude of options on her home page, and were unable to find her packages and fee structures. So, we rewoked this!  Based on the data, we created product packages for her three different website audiences. We also made her website’s value proposition more compelling and genuine.


The Result:

After A/B testing all of these data driven changes, the enquiry rate doubled in ten days.
Soon, Maria’s business expanded and we were even able to help her launch another business with a brand new converison-ready website!

“Raoul, it’s almost like how it was 7 years ago!” – Maria

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